Development plans underway at site of former Myrtle Beach Hospital -- The now-void space that once held the Myrtle Beach Hospital may finally be developed soon. It's hard to imagine because it is so overgrown, but plans are in motion to build 78 residential units on the space right on 79th Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard.  Some of the buildings would be quad-plexes; some, duplex townhomes. It's prime real estate in Myrtle Beach: right on Ocean Boulevard and a mere block from the ocean.  The design team went before the Myrtle Beach Community Appearance Board recently to talk the plans over. The response, the CAB said, was positive, and the board commended the designers for planning to preserve the trees on the existing site and not tear them down.  The CAB said there have been several other projects designed for this lot, but none have made it to the construction phase.  This was just a conceptual review to get feedback from the community appearance board.  The plans don't have approval just yet. The architects will go back and make any needed changes- they still have to get final approval before any construction can begin.